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Policies (Terms & Cond)


Hi babe!😊

Welcome to our Wig Rules Page. Please be advised that there is a $25 late charge for those who arrive 14-19 minutes after their appointment. Your appointment may be canceled if you are 20+ minutes late. 

1. what's included in the install?

Flat Braid Down 🏆

Standard Oil treatment😍

Full customization of wig😇

Wig sewed down to braids❤️

Basic Styling - Barrel curls/Bone straight🔥

Baby hairs (optional)🌈


Updo/Frontal braids +$40

Crimps/Wand Curls +$40

2. Appointment day

On the day of your appointment please come with your hair freshly shampooed, detangled, free of oils/grease, and stretched out. Your hair must be free of any previous style. If you need your natural hair shampooed please book Wig install + Natural hair shampoo.


If you have a scalp or skin condition you MUST inform the stylist beforehand. You must also send photos of your condition so we can determine if you can be serviced.


For Best Results:

  • DO NOT arrive with oily/greasy hair. If you'd like oil on your scalp, please ask Amanda at your appointment.

  • Be Patient. Beauty is a process so do not book if you're pressed for time. Amanda does Not rush.

  • Refrain from talking on the phone or using electronic devices while being serviced

  • Although you may feel relaxed, Stay awake and try not to lean in the chair during your service.

  • Keep your head as still as possible.

  • Let the stylist know in advance if you're particular about wig placement on your hairline.

Thank you😊


Examine your installation thoroughly before exiting. If you are displeased with any part of your service you must say something prior to leaving. Do NOT wait until you get to your car. 

3. short hair/Locs

For those with short hair that cannot be cornrowed, we can add a strap to the back of the wig to secure the wig to your head. The wig cannot be sewn down if your natural hair cannot be braided. Please let us know if you have very short hair. 



If you have dreadlocks you must send a photo of your locs BEFORE booking so we can see the current length and size. You must freshly shampoo your locs, we do not wash locked hair. Failure to do so may result in appointment cancelation. 


Thank you for reading. We are So Excited to meet you!!



add'l t&c

The Wig Specialist uses adhesive on all glued wig installs. 

The products used for wig installations are skin safe for those with normal skin. 

It is not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin or skin disorders, or hair transplants, or any other condition not suitable for adhesive. 

By booking your appointment, you understand that Kami Allure is NOT responsible for any injuries arising from a Wig Install/Removal that may include but are not limited to: Itching, irritation, burning, redness, bumps, allergic reaction, soreness, tenderness, discoloration, hair loss and/or ANY other injury of any kind. It is recommended that you book us for a safe and gentle wig removal. We are NOT responsible for any hair loss or any other injury due to you ripping, tearing, pulling, tugging, or removing your wig off of your edges/hair. We are not responsible for any injury for any reason. I use bold hold or ericka j. wig glue/products to secure down all wig installations. It is your responsibility to read the ingredients on the back of the wig product label to ensure you are not allergic to any of its contents.

Wig installs are not for everyone, hair glue is not for everyone.

Wig installs are a luxury service that requires regular care and maintenance do not book if you cannot properly maintain. By booking an appointment at you fully agree to all of our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person for any reason. 

A photo of the hair stylist
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