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Treebraids RULES

Treebraids   Rules

Treebraids are offered on the following days:

Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun



The $40 late fee accrues at exactly 15 minutes. If you are late 20 minutes or more, your appointment may be canceled. Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a different day. 

Please arrive with your hair detangled.
Please do not put oil in your hair before your tree braids appointment.
Please do NOT freshly relax/perm your hair before your tree braids appointment.


1.) What kind of hair is acceptable? 

     *The hair must have a curl pattern, it cannot          be straight or yaki.


     *Please bring four packs of synthetic hair or         five bundles of human hair. Human hair             treebraids is a different price.*****


     *The most frequently used SYNTHETIC hair:         Freetress deep twist, Freetress Loose Deep,         Kima Ocean Wave, or Afri Naptural


please call or text if you are unsure if the hair you have is acceptable.​


2.) Human Hair: must have a curl pattern, it       can not be kinky or straight.

     -Can be on a weft.

     -Human Hair must be 22 inches or longer


3.) What kind of hair is unacceptable?

NO Freetress gogo curl

NO Freetress presto curl

NO kinky human hair

NO yaki hair




please note:

*I will take photos of your hair.

*If your hair is very short there will be an additional charge of $25, as overly short hair takes longer to complete.

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